Ralph, Albert & Sydney - Weather the storm

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Ralph, Albert & Sydney

    Big Tree
When I was a little kid not very old
Me and Susie at the top of the road
Used to run in the garden free
Playing games around a big tree.

One afternoon whilst we played
We was led to the big tree’s shade
I showed her, she showed me
Lots of fun behind the big tree.

Big tree, what do you know?
Why do you spread your branches low?
Big tree, knows everything
Look at him tremble in the wind.

Soft grass and a leafy bed
We touched tongues and giggled instead
I showed her, she showed me
But we got caught behind the big tree.

Win was a neighbour who complained
She told us both to be ashamed
I got cuffed, Susie cried
But we couldn’t have done nothing if we tried.

Big tree, why do you sigh?
Come on and raise your branches high
Big tree was our friend
But the big tree knew how it would end.

Ain’t it a crime, or is it a sin?
We was barred from the garden, and we couldn’t get in
Me and Susie had nothing to hide
But I guess we’ll make it in the world outside.

Big tree, what do you know?
Come on and spread your branches low.
Big tree knows everything
Winnie’s Rag
Listen while I tell about a little girl
I’ve been with her for just three years.
Some say she is slow, but I would answer no,
She knows how to shift them gears.
We had it so cosy, everything was rosy
In our little love-nest off the Old Kent Road.

In our nights of passion they could hear us thrashing
A good six houses down the road,
But now that she is gone I can hardly carry on
Every night I end up canned
I’m in and out the boozers,
I keep backing all the losers
I’ll have to take myself in hand.

I was meant to meet her by the parking meter
Outside of old Kate’s caf.
But then when I arrived there, I looked and couldn’t find her
I thought she must be having a laugh.
I there and then decided
As quickly home I glided
I’d have to make her sorry for crossing my path.

I was feeling bad, it really hopping mad
I can’t believe she’s left me all alone.
I went to see her mother
She wasn’t with her uncle
And I began to weep and moan
And then in disillusion
Well I come to this conclusion
My little bird had flown.

If you see my Winnie
She’s blond and rather skinny
And you’ll know her by the wart on her nose
She dresses rather neat
In fact she’s really very sweet
She always wears them latest clothes
So Winnie if you’re near
Come quick I’m turning . . .strange
I just don’t know which way to go
I mean I just don’t which way I should go
That’s all,
I said I just don’t know which way this boy should go.
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