Eight frames a second - Weather the storm

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Eight frames a second

Nanna’s Song
If I take you dancing down the streets to watch you laughing
And stop still in the spring night rain just to watch you smileagain
Understand I hold your hand a little tight as if by this
I'll stop the night from running into morning light too soon.

Ice cream and candy bars, a Paris moon and Paris stars
Can you count the times that we heard the chimes of Notre Dame
Across the Seine to remind us sadly once again,
Time just like the river is swiftly passing by.

Just a few reminders of the little things that bind us
Do they make you sad or make you glad to think about the times wehad
In my dreams you're dancing in the embers of an evening,
And I hold your hand a little tight just to stop this special night
From running into morning light too soon.

Mermaid and the Seagull, The
Listening to your idle talk
Smoke rising to the ceiling
The words just seem to float on by
Maybe you've had the feeling
Then looking into my empty glass
I noticed the bar clock was ten minutes fast
My beer was gone, and my money spent,
And I think it's about time that I went.
I went walking along the main road
How can they call it High Street?
I said “Hello” to a face
I knowBut he had someone to meet.
Then I noticed that the sea was coming in
I almost felt like taking a swim,
But the sea gets wild so I've been told
And anyway it was much too cold.
I buttoned my coat up to my chin
Went walking along the sand
I thought I heard a mermaid sing
To the sound of a big brass band.
A seagull offered me a ride
And so as not to hurt his pride
I said I wasn't going far
And I let him carry my guitar.
Then along come a mermaid said “Sing me a song,
And I'll stop the band from playing”.
I was pleased and played with ease
To the mermaid’s gentle swaying.
I must've stayed there for an hour or two
The seagull said he'd have to go
And the mermaid said that she'd like to hear more
But she left me standing on the shore.
The sun was bathing in the sea
Right on the water line.
I shouted “Goodbye”, but he didn't reply
I know he had no time.
Even my footprints had disappeared
And as for the road I steered
Out from the sea there come a sigh
I think my mermaid said “Goodbye”.
And I'm listening to your idle talk
Smoke rising to the ceiling
And I'm watching the words go floating by
Maybe you've had the feeling.
Maybe you've had the feeling.
Are You Receiving Me?
I stopped a man the other night
Said isn't it a beautiful sky,
And although he agreed it was just to please me
I could tell it by the look in his eye,
And his look got colder, looking over his shoulder
At me, as he quickened his step.
So I didn't take his hand as I had planned
I threw a stone instead.
There's a house I know where roses grow
I was there the other day,
And I seen this chick coming down the road
She was coming my way,
So I picked a rose and stuck it under her nose,
She said, “What about my hay fever?”
Then this man came out and he started to shout,
He wasn't very happy either.
A little while ago one Saturday night
I was happy and drunk as could be.
A policewoman come up and she said
That a night in the cells would sober me
I said I ain't been in bars
I got drunk on the stars
You can't pin nothing on me
Then she smiled and I said “Oh, kiss me instead”,
She said “I can't I'm on duty”.
I was in the park, it was just before dark
And there grows a tree of mine,
And I see this chick she was walking her dog
Around the football pitch line.
I said “You see this tree well it belongs to me
I'd like to give it to you”,
And then she said, “Cheers although it's been mine for years
It was a very nice thing to do”.

Sleepy Time Blues
When your mind starts dreaming, your heart starts stealing
Here comes them Sleepy Time Blues
Sure as the train’s rolling down the track
Better go to sleep before the blues gets back
Go to sleep boys, don’t blow no fuse
I know you want to stay awake but it just ain't no use
Better go to sleep and turn your tired mind loose
Here comes them Sleepy Time Blues

It's time for sleeping for the dawn comes creeping
In its early morning shoes
Turn it in and try to forget
You don't really need another cigarette.
Your throat is tired, your mind’s all sore,
Your head is aching don't you know what's more
You can't remember what you're staying up for
Here comes them Sleepy Time Blues

The more you fret the worst it gets
It's time to call it a day
Then after you've slept and you open your eyes
You're sure to be in for a nice surprise
Lose them blues, it's out of style
Tomorrow you'll find that it wasn't worthwhile
And come the morning you'll have to smile
When you think about your Sleepy Time Blues.

Eight Frames a Second
She comes riding early in the morning
Round about four to seven.
No one's ever out at that hour
With eyes that see her
Touch the morning flowers secretly
And the leaves slow their commotion,
And the great trees gently sway,
Like an ocean on a still day,
And raise, in praise, their arms to the sun
Who announces the day has begun,
At eight frames a second.

Velvety shadows in misty meadows
Are changing colours so softly
With care, the sun puts colour in his drawing,
And rises to inspect his masterpiece this morning so perfect,
And as she rides through gold and silver miles,
Only the sun is sure
What it is that she smiles for.
She leaves with no sign of what she has done
Though her morning ride’s known by everyone,
I'll tell you her name, and it's Dawn.

I woke up this morning, Louise had gone
Left me so blue I was singing this lonesome song
Louise had gone and left me, left me worried and blue
That gal’s gone and left me I don't know what I'm a gonna do.

Won't you give me some air, she's the best girl I have seen
Treated me like a king, but she was a doggone queen
Louise has gone and left me, left me worried in my mind
Well I don't mind her going but Louise write me some of yourlines.

I’m Sorry I Must Leave
If I find another way to save you all this pain
I wouldn't take that evening train,
Or tell you it's goodbye again
But it would be so wrong of me to stay.

If I find another love it couldn't be the same,
She'd never call me by my name
The way you do, but it's me I blame
And I'm sorry I must leave.

If I try and make you see though things aren't what we planned
When I say goodbye and touch your hand
I know you still won't understand
The pain is just as great for me.

If I find another love it couldn't be the same,
She'd never call me by my name
The way you do, but it's me I blame
And I'm sorry I must leave.
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